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a_better_edward's Journal

Even [insert name here] would make a better Edward
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Think Cedward is the worst Edward choice ever? Yeah, so do we...
So we like to play this game, the game is called "Cedward sucks" or "Even he would make a better Edward".

Wanna play with us?

JOIN. It's fun and simple, all you have to do is find the image of someone you think would make a better Edward than Cedward. Upload this image to a hosting site. Put "Even [name] would make a better Edward" in the subject line, the picture, and then add a poll with yes or no options. You can also put a few lines in with your reasoning, etc. Vote on others' posts too!

This community is for fun. If you wanna wank it'd better be funny or it will be deleted. Them's the rules, don't like it? Then back to your side of the Twilight fandom, loser. :D

NEW RULE: if putting more than one image into your post or a large block of text, please use lj-cut and only keep one image and the poll out side of it.

LJ Cut: to make a cut simply put [lj-cut] (but replace the brackets with <>)
and then put [/lj-cut] at the end of the cut portion, right before your poll.

Polls: when making or editing a post, in the top right is a "more ways to post" with hyperlinks. Just click "create a poll", select radio, then type in your question and answers in the right sections. (I don't use titles.) Radio makes it so only one answer can be chosen, but there are other options like checkboxes & stuff.

WARNING though; if you don't do the poll first, it erases everything else you've already written, including post headings and tags, argh. So I'd create another tab to edit or just have the text copied and then repaste it after you create the poll.