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Rainbows & Unicorns for EVERYONE!

Just spent 20 mins cornifying "reaction videos to New Moon trailer". Oddly satisfying.
Try it now.

Think of it as God's justice. I do.

Sorry so short-- Twitter-fied now. 140 characters or less ^__^

Now I am just abusing this forum.

So yeah, courtesy of Best Week Ever—I present Bella’s Vjay-jay prom dress.

Oh dear lord, what were they thinking-- highlight the target. . . just in case?

A Better Prom Dress?

Better than the real thing (movie at least)
Is that a real thing? No really?
What the Hell-- no Seriously WTH!?!?
I don’t see what you are talking abou--Ohhh…

Time for PIT WATCH

What the Hell Twilight movie fandom-- this actually made the cleb. news

original story @ popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/twilight/index.html

Because "we" can't get enough of him. . . . but wait-- vampire's sweat-- it that where the sparkles originate?

So over the hols we rented a bunch of Christmas movies, and one of them was “The Holiday.” By the time the movie was over, my sis had thoroughly convinced us all that Jack Black’s character Miles is a better Edward. And she is absolutely right. And I will tell you why. =)

I know you are thinking, what, the tubby guy from Tenacious D and those movies I like? Are you kidding me? But hear me out. The clincher was the scene where Miles, a musician, is at the piano, playing a song for Iris (Kate Winslet) that he composed for a mutual friend of theirs. But it turns out he wrote a song to describe Iris as well, and he starts playing that. And what do you know? It is beautiful and humble and richly crafted and all the things we have come to learn about Iris; in short, it is ten times better than the crappy song that Edward spits out for Bella in the “Twilight” movie. In the fight of cute-guy-who-wrote-me-a-song, Miles wins hands down.

And on second thought, Miles and Iris both make a better couple than Edward and Bella. Miles and Iris are the anti-Edward/Bella; a normal, healthy, fun relationship that you can care about and root for without feeling like you are endorsing something wrong and unrealistic. Jasper, Iris’ cold, debonair, out-of-her-reach ex-flame, is actually the most Edward-ish of all the men in “The Holiday.” And he constantly breaks her heart, makes her doubt herself, puts her in an unhealthy emotional state, is bad for her but she can’t see it. Sound like a familiar Twilight couple we all love to criticize? People should be modeling their idea of a perfect relationship on more realistic—and real—relationships than a starry-crossed, moony-eyed tweener versions of twu wuv. But alas, I think girls will be pointing to Edward as the perfect boyfriend for years to come. Gag.

In short, Miles is a better Edward in every way, from the shallow things like his piano playing and song composing to the deeper things like being a healthy, romantic, functioning leading male.

(Confession time, to get my bias out of the way: I’m more attracted to guys like Jack Black in the long run than Robert anyway, initial attraction factor notwithstanding. Yeah, don’t get me wrong, Robert’s pretty and shiny and sparkly and all (and that’s even before they dress him up to play Edward), thus a catch, but who would be more fun to go on a date with? Who is warm and open and makes you laugh and would put you at ease and make you feel special? I’m a bit of an introvert myself, and I have learned from time (and a lot of bad dates) that I prefer guys that help pull me out of my shell and disarm my nervousness; someone I can develop a rapport with. In short, I prefer the guys like Miles over the Edwards of the world. (Now I just have to find the right one, hah.) But in spite of that bias, I hope I’ve outlined why Miles makes a better Edward satisfactorily.)

Would Miles Make a Better Edward?

No but Black playing Edward would be made of serious win
No but Iris' song is waaay better than that crappy Bella song for sure
Don't care about the song, he looks nothing like an Edward. You're just scraping the bottom of the barrel now aren't you?
But I LIKED the Bella song! (Goes away to hide in the corner)

Would a Miles/Iris relationship make a better Edward/Bella relationship?

Yes, much better than the crappy relationship Edward/Bella have now
No, I prefer my unrealistic Edward/Bella on crack relationship thank you very much!
But if their relationship was normal and healthy and therefore boring, what would the tweeners angst and squeal over? Think of the tweeners!

These pictures are mostly from his old movies and such, so he's kind of not the same now. After seeing all those billboards with Pattinson's face in them, I needed another face to have in my mind while I read the books. If I didn't have any visual aid, I might have never finished the book (movie ads before reading the books just messed up with my personal image of most of the characters.. Jacob was especially ruined).

Lee Williams


A little on the skinny side, but gorgeous nonethelessCollapse ) Would Lee Williams make a better Edward Yes No [headdesk] With some make up and 300-ish training Maybe a better Bella


Holy Crapoli!!!!

Twilight Merchandise HO!

The Apocalypse Cometh

As if the Cullen Family Crest wasn't bad enough. . . . . . .  damn them!!

Yep, new Better!Edward.

Well, for whatever reason (I think cuz the con was coming up and con memories were on my mind), I remembered the time when Mel and I ended up going to watch a movie at a con. I don't remember anything about the movie, really, other than a few seconds after we walked in, this guy threw open the curtains in a Very Dramatic Manner, and Gackt threw his hands up over his face and hissed. It was really, quite hilarious. Then it dawned on me, a better Edward.

And one of him looking a little bit creepy:

So, whatcha think?
For those not in the know: Tru Blood is an new HBO series starring Anna Paquin (Rogue from X-Men) as Suki Stackhouse a telepathic hooters waitress and British actor Stephen Moyer (wait--don't you mean Meyer?) as Bill Compton her vampiric lover. Sounds almost familiar doesn't it? Apparently it's based off of a book series entilted: "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". I've managed to watch the first couple of episodes and I am struck by both the similarities and disparities between the two series. I must say however-- I am excited about the LOLZ, talk about trailer-trash Twilight--the series is set in the deep south. I have posted some clips to give you an idea of hilarity of the situation.
First: The Trailer:

More Clips: Collapse )

Does HBO's Tru Blood make a better Twilight?!?!?

Twilight plus HBO-sex? I am IN!
What a bandwagon rip off.
Wait-- These books came out first?

Even Cleolinda makes a better Stephenie

And I'll bet she doesn't even have to listen to angry/emo music all day long, either.

This is the best comment I've read so far:

Meanwhile, Emmett's all like, "Dude, Rosalie is totally going to put a foot up your ass, and also, Jasper's pretty much gonna take that chick out back and snarf her if you won't," and Edward literally sees red and goes into a rage spasm and Emmett's like DUDE WE ARE IN SPANISH CLASS YOU HAVE GOT TO GET YOUR MIERDA TOGETHER. "Damn, kid, you're a mess," laughs Emmett. "Bite me," says Edward. Presumably there are no ladies within earshot of this horrid, pun-laden vulgarity.

The best part is the 100% correct use of the word "mierda" in both Spanish and English.


Poll #1256291 Amirite?

Does Cleolinda make a better Stephenie?

What are you talking about? Stephenie is the Goddess!
Anyone would make a better Stephenie
[info]pirate_eggie does a wonderful little comic called MSpaint_Lolz, that I was fortunate enough to follow and was rewarded with this little jem.<

It seems all to appropriate to post it here, so I hope you all enjoy. I can't get over the characterizations-- a better Edward-- YOU BETCHA!

If you are a fan of House also please check Eggie's comm mspaint_lolz for more amazingly funny MSpaint!